Our Goal

Our mission is to serve and satisfy every customer. We will go out of our way to get every project exactly the way you want it.  Let us make your existing concrete beautiful with our overlays or stains. Our Products can be applied in an unlimited combination of patterns, colors, textures, and designs. They can be applied to any concrete surface; new or old, vertical, horizontal, residential, industrial or commercial. Our products are the ideal solution whether you are resurfacing that old unsightly patio or just want to add that finishing touch to a driveway, walkway, pool or deck. 

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What We Do


Our services Include all types of Decorative Concrete and Finishes:

The services we provide are:

Decorative concrete overlays, any pattern, any design including logos.

Scoring and acid stains

Stained overlays

Concrete sealing

Concrete polishing

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Who We Are

We have been in the decorative concrete business since 1993. We work on existing concrete, new or old. Our specialty is decorative concrete overlays, stains, scoring, stained overlays and seamless concrete countertops. We also build concrete waterfalls and water features as well as install playground turf. Billy has been a portrait and wildlife artist all of his life and has now transferred that ability to the decorative concrete field. Call for more information or a quote on your special project.

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Art on Concrete

Additional Info